A few weeks ago Shia LaBeouf publicly apologized for completely ripping off Daniel Clowe’s graphic novel, “Justin M. Damiano”, in his Canne’s-debuting short film “Howard Cantour.com”.

Shia’s lengthly mea culpa on Twitter, which claimed his grossly plagiaristic film was a product of his “naiveté as an amateur filmmaker”, was received by many as a half-hearted and lame excuse for his thieving and grotesque violation of copyright law.

Instead of accepting his culpability and leaving well-enough alone, Mr. LaBeouf has since chosen to prod and torment Daniel Clowe with classless tweets, as well as with a hired sky-writer which was directed to scribe a sarcastic  “I Am Sorry Daniel Clowes” over Hollywood.

Guilty of nothing but catching LaBeouf red-handed, and hoping to end a crazed actor’s shenanigans, Clowe called upon his attorneys.  A Cease and Desist letter resulted stating “Your client is seriously out of control… He must stop his improper and outlandish conduct”.

Mr. LaBeouf’s boorish behavior continues to date, including a mocking threat to plagiarize Daniel Clowe a second time.  Get off the drugs Shia, and if we’re lucky, off the big-screen…



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