After keeping the project on the back burner since 2005, Paramount may have finally found the right producers for the remake of the 80’s classic Summer School.  The property has been in and out of development since 2005, with all suggested versions to date, some more comedic than others, eventually falling by the wayside.

For those of you who spent the late 80’s in the family bomb shelter, Summer School is a happy-go-lucky romp starring Marc Harmon and Kirstie Alley.  Directed by Carl Reiner, it follows the world’s most laid-back teacher as he is forced to steer a class full of misfits through summer school and various related adventures.  As you can well imagine its happy endings for all, with plenty of bikinis thrown in for good measure.

It seems now that Happy Madison, the production banner helmed by Adam Sandler (and Jack Giaraputo), is in talks to come aboard to produce the redo.  Paramount is tapping Sandler and Madison in hopes of preserving the comedic traditions of the original “slacker teaches the slackers” gag fest.

Adam Sandler’s group is reported to be moving forward, the locking-in of a writing team being the next logical order of business.  Mr. Sandler is not rumored to be interested in acting in the film at this time.

Would playing Mr. Shoop be a smooth move for Sandler, or just another contrived comedic role for someone to phone in?  We’d like to see the audition tape anyway…






(Adam Sandler)


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