The Dark Knight Rises at long last falls completely out of the box office against new contenders, which is temporarily ruled by Expendables 2. Mostly, though, the film truly is quite expendable, and won’t amount to very much. I doubt it will last through next weekend, against Joseph Gordon-Levitt—or maybe I underestimate fans of 80’s schlock.

Not that there aren’t some redeemable testosterone-yarns of the 80’s, anything from Predator to First Blood, but in all reality most of this genre have lost their charm over time, evolved into a new breed of films like The Fast and the Furious. To attempt to reclaim the simple-plotted, mindless entertainment, is without nostalgia or laudable.

But there are so many names in this film which are nostalgic for some men that we have entered the flip side to Twilight—while the latter is entirely for the pre-teen female, the former is entirely for the younger-minded male, with enough cheese on either end to make you lactose intolerant. Expendables 2 feels more like a young boy playing with action figures in his backyard rather than a scripted movie with actors.

Paranorman likely did not do too well because of the infusion of horror, which parents and kids are likely to prefer ignoring, in wait for another run-of-the-mill family cartoon. Premium Rush with Joseph Gordon-Levitt sounds like Crank but without enthusiasm or the self-recognition of its silliness, and it may still manage to steal the box office next weekend on release.

I’m a huge fan of David Koepp, and Michael Shannon, and I’d love to see the Joseph from (500) Days of Summer again—but a bicyclist on the run from a dirty cop? Just speak it aloud, and make up your own mind if you’d want to sit through 91 minutes of that. Then The Apparition: a ghost causes trouble. Oh, for goodness’ sake.

Summer’s over, folks.

Weekend Results

1.) The Expendables 2 (LGF): Opening weekend, with $28.75 million.

2.) The Bourne Legacy (Universal): Second weekend, with $17 million.

3.) ParaNorman (Focus): Opening weekend, with $14 million.

4.) The Campaign (WB): Second weekend, with $13.38 million.

5.) Sparkle (TriS): Opening weekend, with $12 million.


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