Congratulations to all of the 2016 Filmmatic Screenplay Awards Finalists and Winners, the writers listed below should all be very proud of their work.  Special thanks to all of the hard-working writers that entered their screenplays and teleplays this season.  So many great scripts were submitted, the judges and Filmmatic staff were left wishing that more writers could have been honored!

Filmmakers and Producers: please feel free to reach out to us via the contact form for this site, or at, if you are interested in talking to one of our Entrants about their screenplay.

Thanks to all of our sponsors this season!  Links to their websites can be found on our contest page.
Congratulations to: Davin Affrunti – The Sower, the 2016 Filmmatic Screenplay Awards Overall Winner!



Please see below for a list of Amazing writers and their screenplays.  The official list of 2016 Filmmatic Screenplay Awards Finalists is as follows:




Daniel Holland – Sleepless *(Action/Adventure Winner!)
Kathryn Radmall – King of the Northlands
Michael Faunce-Brown – Hartley’s War
Samuel Laskey – The Fake
Michael Anthony Sajewski Jr – Quick & Painless
Samuel Tejeda – Dead Man Murrieta
Dave Petonic – ‘Neather Men
Luqman Raymond Whittinger – Quest for Mihte Lugh
Despina Moraitou Politzi – Epiphany
David Schroeder – Lost Cause


Benjamin Font – Manufacturing Co. *(Comedy Winner!)
Joe Borg – The Stalker Cycle
Sean Plemmons – Old Nick
George Nicholas Collias – Finding Phoebe’s Fortune
Jeff Eagle – Blue Jobs
Mark Baltrinic – The AYCEholes
Kevin C. Wilson – Telemachus
Nicole Groton – Marrying Kinds
Kevin Campbell – Centerfold Mom
William Sims – Breeders ( or Zombies, Drag Queens and Shakespeare: An American Revolution)


David Greene & Sandy Tung – 100,000 *(Drama Winner!)
William H. Moldestad Jr. – Red Apple Tree
Braden Barton – Unconditional
David deCastro and Margaret Broucek – Like any Viper
Jeffrey Abelson – The Rise and Fall of Robert Johnson
Adam Fiske – A.K.
Jamee Decio – H.R. 116
Martin Ponferrada – Outside Meridian
R.J. Lewis – Dummy
Jordan Essary – Leave It Be


Giorgio Martignoni – Cocopa *(Family Winner!)
Terry Kauffman – Goodbye, Kid. Hurry Back
Guy Quigley – Soldiers of God
Sharon Patricia Burtner – Foam
SiewFeng (Kaede) Loh – The Talented Uncle Julien
Rosalyn Rosen – Jake: The Power of Ruby
Peter Fink – Summer to Forget
Jared Lillis – Groundhogs
Gabriel Brugni – The White Lobster
Amy L. Kinzer – Can’t Turn Back


Derek Carlton – Okinawa: A Battle for Country, Love and Revenge *(Historical Winner!)
Debra Ann Pawlak & Cheryl Bartlam du Bois – Secret Hero
Jens-Frederik Otto – D-Day
Ira Altman – Red Crucible
Sam Bass – BASS REEVES, U.S. Marshal
Joe Murkijanian – Insight Hell on Earth
Ken Kimmelman and Mick Carlon – Riding on Duke’s Train
Peter Steinberg – Yankee Boy
Peter Israelson – Lion of the Sea
Jane Meador – Ribbons of Fall

Science Fiction

Tom Rico – The God Particle “Resurrection” *(Science-Fiction Winner!)
Jim Falletta – Product 125
Gary Makin – Facsimile
Marleen Ann McSherry – Land of Light
Frank Hauser – 3 Dog Day
Stephen Zurline – Exitus
Tom Rico – Northern Lights
Samuel Hilton – Mars Erupts
George Lewis – Mercy
Robert Rogers – Hell on Neptune


Davin Affrunti – The Sower *(Thriller/Horror Winner! + OVERALL WINNER!)
Don Stroud & Winter Mead – Restoration
Terry Hayman – Dark Shelter
Will Maurer – 7th Son
Julian Myers – Violent Meditation
Paulo Biscaia Filho – Deviants – A Snuff Romance
Andy Rovira – Cake Rotten
Benjamin Owens – Only Make Believe
Jaime Fidalgo – Levanton
Kelly Jean Karam – Kidicide

Short Film (all types)

Justin Michael Terry – The Duel *(Short Winner!)
Ben Fiore – Condemned
Robert Cox – The Door
Daniel P. Douglas – Richter’s War
Edem Wornoo – Ripple 001: Archie’s Insomnia
Maria Judice – Pushing Future Past
Nicholas Wyche – Ante Diem
Landen Celano – Halcyon Winter
Tom Grady – Symposium
Humayun Mirza – Destroyer of Worlds

TV – Comedy

Christiaan Kutlik – Vincent Locke: Villain-At-Law *(TV-Comedy Winner!)
Parker Cross, Jr. – Ed’s Door & Window Co.
Peter Steinberg – Johnny Whoop and the Brain Machine
Zack Zupke – Frank’s Place – Brandy
Mitch Holden – C.A.R.E.S.S. “The Pit Bull of Despair”
Jason Rothberg – Haus Rules
Jameson DeSantis – Reheated “Pilot”
Itai Inselberg – Space Show
Elias Plagianos – Shoot Me Nicely
Jeff Cross – Fugitive Cougar

TV – Drama

Cory Huizar – Flintown *(TV-Drama Winner!)
Diana Djurcinovska – Traffik
Tamara Smith Roldan – Placed
Marina Eve – Virtua
Penny Pennell – Capital Crime
Edem Wornoo – Elite: The Black Abyss
Gabriel Brugni – The Gallows
Jackie Thornton – Chamber Music
Michael Perri – Nick The Hat
Ryan Vanderhei – Laplace’s Demons “Revelation”


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