Los Angeles-based Dignity Film Finance is fast-tracking chef-turned-author Anthony Bourdaine’s best selling novel “Bone In The Throat” from its current slate.

Dignity President Maggie Monteith is prepping the project, amongst others, for financing and production later this year.  Monteith remarked “I am thrilled about the titles we have on our slate and the caliber of talent that are already attached”.

“Bone In The Throat” is a tale of murder, mayhem and the mob, featuring a (you guessed it) chef caught in a comical struggle between morals and the mafia.  Lenny Beckerman, who first acquired the rights to the book, will produce with Peter Heslop (“The King’s Speech”).  Graham Henman will break his feature-directorial cherry on the script which he co-scribed with Mark Townsend.  Bourdaine’s New-York based mafia story will be retooled for production in London.

*Anthony Update:  Anthony Bourdaine is leaving The Travel Channel for CNN.  Bourdaine will reportedly get his own program on the cable news network in early 2013.  CNN will utilize Bourdaine as the showpiece of it’s soon-to-be-spiced-up weekend lifestyle programming.

In a statement The Travel Channel praised Bourdaine; “We are proud of the great storytelling Tony has brought to the Network, we congratulate him on his new venture and look forward to working with him on new projects in the future.”



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