“American Ultra”, directed by Nima Nourizadeh and written by Max Landis, is bombing at the box office.  The writer, son of Blues Brothers and Animal House director John Landis, tweet-ranted over the lack of people watching his film:

American Ultra Sucks


Reviews on Rotten Tomatoes backed up the box office numbers, only 46% of critics and 57% of audiences saying they liked the film.  Max Landis in response also managed to work up a tweet-slam on Rotten Tomatoes:

Max Landis Twitter

In the last several days Landis has been branded a whiner, and his movie has been slammed incessantly. I for one agree with Max that the movie going audience needs to be more attentive to non-cookie cutter projects.  Unfortunately, I do not agree that his film is the poster child for quality overlooked.


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