From the “Nobody saw this coming” file: an Avengers sequel is officially a blip on the radar.

Disney CEO Bob Iger announced today on a conference call with shareholders that a sequel to the already-looking-successful ” The Avengers” is officially in the works.  The part deux will apparently trail the 2013 releases of “Iron Man 3” and “Thor 2”, as well as the anticipated 2014 release of “Captain America 2”.

With a super-hero-charged line-up like the one above, one could accuse the studio of beating a dead horse, except that the horse ain’t dead yet, not by a long-shot.  No other news was forthcoming from the studio head regarding the sequel, but we’re sure fans will enjoy an extended period of not-confirmed-rumor swapping in the months to come.


P.S.:  According to Forbes, Iger has mentioned that Marvel fans can expect Avengers attractions to appear at Disney theme parks in the near future as well.  Iron Man Log Flume anyone?


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