Plot isn’t really necessary these days, particularly with the advent of prequel-sequel-remake-adaptation. That square of profit generation is the most well articulated and perfected tactic possibly in Hollywood history—so much so, that they would lead us to truly believe and indeed finance the flourishing of plot-absence.


Resident Evil: Retribution is a follow-up installment in a series that never claims to be higher than what it is by nature, almost like Wrath of the Titans, an Evil Dead ego (if not equal in design, charm, or aesthetic triumph). If the filmmakers don’t take it seriously, and just have fun with it, I suppose we should too—and not gripe about it so uselessly.

That said: Dredd 3D releases next weekend. Now, general first impressions have suggested that the film is at the very least superior to the original by being true to its source material instead. This was the only chance for the film. The 90’s release was a throwaway Stallone action-flick, while what we have here is the strength of a director who’s found his niche, and a character taken from misfire to full throttle.

The newly re-released Finding Nemo 3D clocked in high up the box office charts this weekend, as an exception to the sellout, shamelessly gimmicky 3D release. Not only does its animation remain absolutely gorgeous to this day, but so does its story. This was a film before the trend of redundancy, of talent and artistic independence—a reminder of what can be a much needed one.

Of course, it’s a nice privilege just to share the experience with a new generation. With films like End of Watch releasing, I wonder why Jake Gyllenhaal continues his campaign to act any differently than he always has.

And I have great concern with the plot of House at the End of the Street—but with such a knowing title, are we being fooled? It’s either a stab at twisting the familiar, or creating yet another derivative of a heavily used idea. But Jennifer Lawrence can deliver a powerhouse performance. So, like most everyone else, I’d give it a shot just to watch what the gifted star brings to the table.

Weekend Results

1.) Resident Evil: Retribution (SGem): Opening weekend, with $21.1 million.

2.) Finding Nemo 3D (BV): Opening weekend, with $17.5 million.

3.) The Possession (LGF): Third weekend, with $5.8 million.

4.) Lawless (Wein.): Third weekend, with $4.2 million.

5.) ParaNorman (Focus): Fifth weekend, with $3 million.


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