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You know it’s tough out there in Hollywood when the best thing viewers have to look forward to is a re-release. This weekend marks very little momentum at the box office with the exception of less people contributing.

The cold light of reality sunk in on our next Superman, Henry Cavill, who hopefully will seriously step it up a notch for Man of Steel. Considering the sub-standard film Immortals, which desperately wanted and miserably failed to be 300, to be followed up by an even inferior film is truly discouraging. As for Bruce Willis, well. Gotta pay the bills.

Unfortunately for the director, who just had his first shot at stardom, the studios will not be granting him any kind of leniency, and we likely won’t be seeing him ever again. However! He can always reminisce about working with John McClane and Ellen Ripley. Hopefully he can forget that his film opened in 13th place.

The Words marks a strange turn in Bradley Cooper’s career. Perhaps the entire thing was actually a parody of his writer-character in Limitless? Perhaps I’m being a bit harsh. I believe Limitless was a step forward for Cooper, and he convinced me he could stretch his acting range farther than I thought The Hangover suggested.

But whoever wrote The Words may have wanted to steal someone else’s work instead. If they then wrote about that experience, the story could have come off with an actual narrative to follow.

Next week marks the fifth installment in the Resident Evil series. It’s ranged from average ratings to less average ratings to more average ratings, never extracting the best from its source material and improving so much as exhausting reasons to include another film.

I would prefer some kind of conclusion, and the removal of constant introductions that recap everything you already know from the previous entries. As mentioned above: the best thing to look forward to is Finding Nemo, even if the 3D is potentially damaging.

Studios use 3D to have an excuse for re-releasing a movie. I believe some movies don’t need a gimmick to make money on re-release—but more films from the 90’s would fare better than Indiana Jones, whose foray this weekend didn’t reach the millennial generation.

Re-Release what’s nostalgic for today’s youth: what they were too young for when it came out, but that they now love and wish they could have seen in theaters.

Weekend Results

1.) The Possession (LGF): Second weekend, with $9.5 million.

2.) Lawless (Wein.): Second weekend, with $6.002 million.

3.) The Words (CBS): Opening weekend, with $5 million.

4.) The Expendables 2 (LGF): Fourth weekend, with $4.75 million.

5.) The Bourne Legacy (Uni.): Fifth weekend, with $4 million.


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