Well like any actual reunion, the latest American Pie franchise was awkward and brief. You find a lot of people you wanted to see again just to shove it in their faces that you’ve moved on and they haven’t, and their jobs aren’t all that great.

Of course, this weekend’s box office continues with The Hunger Games on the throne, as expected—because films adapted from a book series with an established fan base have the advantage of bending the rule of a low economy: only see a film once. Then the rating system kicks in, and you have yourself a four-weekend success story, no matter the cast and crew.

Meanwhile, the Farrelly brothers have come a long way from Dumb and Dumber, possibly one of the only truly clever ways of handling stupid in a funny way. See, now audiences laugh at them. It’s more hilarious that they still think they’re funny. For any offended fans, I have three words for you: The Heartbreak Kid.

However, much like our unloved American Reunion, nostalgia of what real slapstick used to be made audiences wish it could find a new home in…modern times, but the fact of the matter is that the real three stooges are the Farrelly brothers and the man in charge that green lighted their latest.

Ah, The Cabin in the Woods has given people cabin fever, becoming one of the highest rated horror films in a while if not financially successful. Sam Raimi would be proud that his invention with Bruce Campbell inspired something actually commendable, and that oversexed tree from The Evil Dead even had a cameo (okay, I’m lying about the tree).

A tip of the hat for not being The Other Guys, which tried so hard to make fun of its genre that it ended up becoming the very thing it poked at.

Now, as for next week, Dear John—I mean, The Last Song—I mean, The Lucky One—may be a considerably mis-casted weepy, but it’s targeting one gender and that’s the larger gender so it may do some good. But it still shouldn’t outrank The Hunger Games. I mean, you have to hand it to Jennifer Lawrence, she satisfied any and all expectations.

Is this film unstoppable? It’s lasted longer than any Twilight film, that’s for certain. The only other film is also a romance, Think Like a Man, which unusually has a unique plot, but the promise is still unworthy to pull Katniss away from total victory.


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