It looks like Annie Wilkes went ahead with her Liberace records again, because the box office is filled with—albeit sub-standard—romance, and indeed the resulting Misery novel has no “N”s in it.  I don’t know what passes for a film anymore with the studio heads. To get them to make a decent film we might have to actually force them the way of Paul Sheldon. Hobbled and threatened.

So what we’re left with is yet another novel by Nicholas Sparks adapted by director Scott Hicks this time, who directed Shine and not much else noteworthy. The film stars Zac Efron, whose shirtless acting ranks right up there with our friends Channing Tatum or Taylor Lautner.

The title that took the box office, Think Like a Man, is unfortunately no better, although the premise seemed promising pre-release.  It seems that all the Les Grossman types of Hollywood have no real idea what kind of romance women like.

Meanwhile, Chimpanzee proved a formidable upset into the box office this weekend, a considerable surprise as it is a documentary—a genre that does not historically perform at a box office so much as run through the festival circuit.

And so, with The Hunger Games finally removed from its mighty throne, order is restored to the force and the box office is anyone newcomer’s game again.  I’m sure the romance will continue with The Five-Year Engagement taking the lead upon its release on the 27th, as R-rated comedies seem to have found a new confidence at the box office…


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