Maybe it’s an act of nature, and we’ll never fully understand it. Think Like a Man took number one for a second weekend in a row. I consider it’s largely in part due to the underperformance of what was surely going to be a superior film, The Five-Year Engagement.

With a stronger cast, a director who didn’t make Fantastic Four, and a plot with equal potential for originality within the same genre…and a director who didn’t make Fantastic Four: Silver Surfer, there’s really no accounting for how the film became something so incredibly average.

It was likely its insistence upon attempting to become the next Bridesmaids, which the film was associated with on its marketing campaign constantly. That kind of affiliation probably drove away most women, who realized that Bridesmaids was a film with women in it and guy humor as well.

The Five-Year Engagement clearly wouldn’t decide what film it wanted to be, a romance or a raunch-fest. So, with a lack of options, women ran to the only remaining date-movie out there.

Although why kids wouldn’t have taken the box office, as they ordinarily do with an animated release, is more unclear. Perhaps the animation of Wallace and Gromit is a tad on the strange side, unfamiliar territory and unfit for a children’s audience who has been fed the same thing over and over again.

Well, let’s guess what’s going to take the box office this weekend, shall we? The Avengers has literally no competition. It’s received record-breaking reviews for the comic book genre, of near Dark Knight proportions. It’s more of a summer blockbuster released early than anything else.

Fans of each film will gather together, and every comic-book fan will be collecting together to watch this one. It just might be worth the trip this time, no matter how frustrated you are that every comic-book with available rights is getting a film. We’re waiting for the remakes of The Phantom and The Shadow, Hollywood. With pity.


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