The box office is a Coen Brothers’ movie these days. Every now and then you get a joke out of nowhere like American Reunion, characters we’ve seen before return across the films with slightly varied roles in Titanic 3D, and the combat never quite goes the way you expected it to.

Although the last conclusion isn’t quite so true this weekend, seeing as Gary Ross’ The Hunger Games was going to make enough money to feed a small country no matter what time is was released. The enthusiastic, vigorously subtle form of Jennifer Lawrence supported the film the most, even more-so than the taut and indeed top-notch screenplay penned partly by Suzanne Collins, author of the source material.

American Reunion’s tagline explains they “saved the best piece for last”, but unfortunately, the pie’s gone stale and the cast visually verifies that. In fact, it was never much to taste in the first place, but like all cult films, if you find your audience then you are rolling in the cash regardless. Loyalty, and perhaps some nostalgia, bought this film the kind position of second in the box office this weekend, folks.

Of course, Titanic 3D wasn’t given the courtesy of opening on a weekend, and perhaps that was to avoid the suggestion that the film was cashing in on the tragedy, so much as honoring the piece of history.

Still, there was no question that the previously largest-film-in-history was going to gain audiences, opening in third, and 3-D here isn’t a gimmick so much as James Cameron having fun with his new toy that spawned these tacky re-releases that can’t quite measure up to his dexterity with technology.

There are no worthy contestants against The Hunger Games next weekend, and I wouldn’t put it past the thrilled and satisfied fans to fend off Drew Goddard’s likewise young-audience-oriented The Cabin in the Woods and sure-flop The Three Stooges to sustain the top of the box office even further.


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