It’s not terribly difficult to understand why this father’s day weekend was reigned by last weekend’s releases. It’s surely undeniable that Adam Sandler created an empire of raunchy, mostly stupid-funny films until he reached full stardom.

However. It is equally undeniable that it resulted in Adam Sandler being allowed to do mostly whatever he wants, and that has been mostly a bad thing to most people. Or so says the lack of critical success of his last eight films.

I’m personally one to support the significance of subjectivity. For all I know, Click made someone forgive their father to change a family forever, or inspired a symphony.

But although his films primarily make money, they are invariably permeated with screenplays which exude enough sophistication and cinema brilliance to impress that pack of teenagers sitting behind you in the theatre, contributing very little to the world.

While Rock of Ages is a different story. It wasn’t designed to be critically inept from the beginning, really. It’s story just happens to be mostly contradictory to its stars. Severely miscast, Tom Cruise has taken advantage of the restoration to his career by taking a chance.

Rock of all ages, he was hoping for. I always believed rock music to be an emblem of youthful anarchy? But there’s no denying he must still have some energy in him for a musical, and it’s certainly pushing his acting chops into more unique horizons. Flexing the old range-muscles, like trying out Les Grossman.

However, I do believe that anyone actually a fan of rock music itself, or at least the original spirit of it, would be rather tentative about watching a musical about the genre. Making a musical about rock music removes the original intentions, in my honest opinion.

Meanwhile. Sure, Prometheus didn’t change the world of science fiction—but it certainly did rack up points for polarizing fans of the genre. Although it insisted on asking every possible theological question…it raised questions. Be grateful for it.

Answering those kinds of questions renders the intrigue useless, while poking at possibilities and raising debate is far more interesting. That’s what’s keeping people coming back, keeping it second in the box office.

Oh, and animation will continue to rule the box office as long as children exist.


1.) “Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted” (Paramount): Second Weekend, with $35.5 million.

2.) “Prometheus” (Fox): Second Weekend, with $20.2 million.

3.) “Rock of Ages” (WB): Opened with $15.06 million.

4.) “Snow White and the Huntsman” (Universal): Third Weekend, with $13.8 million.

5.) “That’s My Boy” (Sony): Opened with $13 million.


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