Everyone has chimed in on the shortcomings of Twilight, but there’s no question that it continues to make money. Because there’s plenty of the proper…age group. And proper…gender, to keep the shirtless guys and melodramatic romance selling like the gold mine product it is. Say what you will.

If you ever thought Hollywood had integrity, the Twilight “saga” proves it does not. However, they are damn good salesman. The next best possible marketing product would be to exploit Kristen Stewart into an even younger age group by pushing the fairy tale angle even more directly, while Stewart is still popular as the girl everyone wants to be.

Except perhaps Katniss Everdeen, a more suitable role model in every respect, in my opinion.

It seems between Mirror Mirror and Once Upon a Time and Snow White and the Huntsman, there shouldn’t be anymore Snow White tales to pump out. Show business uses actors, crew, and trends like they’re digging for oil these days. Run a well dry, and only then, move to the next.

But the box office doesn’t care. All the girls bored with or too old for Twilight will now flock to see their hero, who captured the essence of their age when they wanted it, join a new story just for the sake of seeing her. It’s stories like Snow White and the Huntsman that have resulted in jaded audiences.

It doesn’t matter how much substance you have, really—if you can make money, you’ll get the budget to do anything. Now, Men in Black III is technically a perfect film, in regards to its series expectations, simplicity, and familiar gags. But it’s simply irrelevant to audiences today, and it seriously overspent. Bad line producer. Bad!

Heads rolled over that film, which lost to a movie that’s actually been rated less and had essentially a starter crew, probably to save money. First time director, first time screenwriter, and then another draft by someone seasoned. That’s the cheapest way to go.

And for the play on popularity, particularly with casting now-ranged actress Charlize Theron and the mighty Thor himself, it was inevitable that Snow White and the Huntsman would take the box office and claim the smarter move as well. The Avengers continues to take names, despite the steep drop from last week, but it certainly had one hell of a run.


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