It’s a fine weekend for another young, female archer at the box office, who has received considerably warm reviews and easily trumped Abraham Lincoln. If that seems implausible, please consider that second half of the previous sentence once more, and mind the main character’s name.

Indeed, this parody of “history” and vampires may have only surpassed Prometheus simply for featuring vampires. Though only the third film in this first half of the year to exploit the fanged things, the trend will not cease to generate profits, no matter how bizarre the setting. Whatever you buy, dear readers, you will be sold.

I smell an Abbott and Costello remake.

The original princess continues animation’s potential to negate all typical rules of box office combat with its get out of jail free-by-children card, truly one hell of a monopoly. There was never any question that Brave would be number one this weekend.

Tyler Perry’s strange affection for dressing as a woman is sure to make just enough money to ensure a future installment, regardless of ratings. However, Madea’s place at the box office isn’t so certain next weekend, due to releasing during the summer—which pits it against arguably difficult rivals.

Coming off of Contagion, Soderbergh will be shaking off the bleak with possibly the exact opposite movie on the spectrum of cinema—Magic Mike, starring Channing Tatum, who will be revering to his roots of being paid to show off his abs. His only opportunity to act lies here, but women will be pleased regardless.

The likelihood of Seth MacFarlane’s first feature length film—with live-action—taking the box office next weekend is almost entirely without question. The man essentially owns television cartoons with three shows slotted in: The Cleveland Show, American Dad, and of course Family Guy. Those fans will provide the mortar to the film’s success.

The Results

1.) Brave (Buena Vista): Opened with $66.7 million.

2.) Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted (Paramount): Third weekend, with $20.2 million.

3.) Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (Fox): Opened with $16.5 million.

4.) Prometheus (Fox): Third weekend, with $10 million.

5.) Rock of Ages (Warner Brothers): Second weekend, with $8 million.


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