Ice Age, the first film back in March 2002, made $46.2 million dollars over its opening weekend. The movie didn’t have the advantage that part four has to open over the summer, when every child is free of school to go to the movies, so it doesn’t stand for very much that Continental Drift managed almost the exact same sum, at $46 million. However, it is sure that some audiences were pulled for the superhero rush this month.

Meanwhile! The one issue The Amazing Spiderman ever haves is that it isn’t the first Spiderman film, but if it were, it’d be the proper way to go about it. Unfortunately, cartoons sell number one and it doesn’t typically matter unless you’re Mars Needs Moms what you are in the genre.

Inopportune timing also lends itself in the form of Batman, who will be easily replacing everyone at the top of the box office, and will likely own it for at least three to four weekends. Christopher Nolan took a character that had been camp and silliness and, well, completely out of his comfort zone since 1966 and completely rearranged his character.

Although Nolan’s batman requires a great deal of subtitles here and there, and he’s deliberately decided for the conclusion to his trilogy to select a villain with a mask over his face (to even the playing field perhaps?), his stories are thrilling and Gothic (a la Gotham City) the way he is supposed to be.

So despite Spidey’s final come-to-form with his nature on the big screen, there is no question that Ice Age: Continental Drift will likewise be paved to the side for the incredible, amazing, oh you know all those superhero adjectives, The Dark Knight Rises.


Weekend Results

1.) Ice Age: Continental Drift (Fox): Opened with $46 million.

2.) The Amazing Spiderman (Sony/Columbia): Second weekend, with $35 million.

3.) Ted (Universal): Third weekend, with $22.1 million.

4.) Brave (Buena Vista): Fourth weekend, with $10.6 million.

5.) Magic Mike (Warner Bros.): Third weekend, with $9 million.


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