It’s almost Halloween, and along with the seasonal boost that’s kept Hotel Transylvania going so long, the fuel of Paranormal Activity hasn’t shown any sign of decreasing, no matter how bad the films get. What’s left in this diminishing series is only the promise of a decent film. Maybe it’ll dry out by around part seven. Sequels truly are the death of all horror classics; the paranormal activity around here is that part 4 ends up on top of the box office.

Here’s how I put it: the first was interesting and well acted, the second had better effects but was poorly acted, and the third was actually—although marginally boring, particularly with the new fan trick—the best of the series. That is, right up until the end, where they went all Blair Witch Project on us and gave an idiotic explanation for the previous installments.

The ratings for the film started our poor, and have been lifting up into the realm of just bad. But that’s not very encouraging. Still, the formula makes money, and this time around there’s again no Saw film to combat.

At least with the original Paranormal Activity, it was the characters that mattered. The exercised formula here reminds us that they are increasingly insignificant. The plot, as well, moves like molasses so as to prolong what the actual story is. What started out as an independent filmmaker’s triumph, has become an exploited dwindling useless procedure.

Now, I’m not the biggest Tyler Perry fan. I’m sure you’ve noticed that by now, if you’ve been reading my articles. If not, well, there you have it. I have no clue what the studios were thinking with randomly hiring Perry for a role that Morgan Freeman played, but I truly must congratulate Perry’s agent. This casting should never have happened.

The financial failure of Alex Cross proves me right.

As for next week! My birthday weekend sees the release of Cloud Atlas, which has been panned by critics and rated a sci-fi masterpiece by audiences. I believe there’s a certain Wachowski touch that can work with the right form of material, and although this is likely not to be seen as another Matrix, it’s still sure to make some waves. In fact, I’m fairly certain this film will take the box office next weekend.

Even over Silent Hill’s long awaited sequel, just near Halloween? I’d put my money on the Wachowskis, without any slur to the success of the Radha Mitchell-driven original. For an adaptation of a video game, it’s strangely intriguing in its own ways, and with striking character actors like Malcolm MacDowell and Carrie-Anne Moss, you’ll surely be in for a trick or treat. Ouch. That was one hell of a bad pun.

Anyways, Paranormal Activity 4 continues its reign as a stellar date-movie celebration of Halloween, and as always, is best watched in theaters  Watching alone in the dark past midnight will just put you to sleep by this point.

The Weekend Results:

1.) Paranormal Activity 4 (Par.): Opening weekend, with $30.2 million.

2.) Argo (WB): Second weekend, with $16.62 million.

3.) Hotel Transylvania (Sony): Fourth weekend, with $13.5 million.

4.) Taken 2 (Fox): Third weekend, with $13.4 million.

5.) Alex Cross (Sum.): Opening weekend, with terrible numbers. I mean, $11.75 million.


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