Hello ItsFILM readers, and welcome to the final month of human existence. We’ve kicked it off poorly, although chances are that Twilight will continue reigning superior right through next week, which is equally without remotely challenging contenders.

True, one cannot underestimate the continued stardom of Brad Pitt, but his latest film Killing Them Softly simply generated little-to-poor marketing. Not to mention that it is hardly upheld by a powerhouse premise that just begs to be viewed. It sounds about as engrossing as Jack Reacher’s plot. The lawman without limits has been exhausted. It absolutely did not make a killing, unless you consider that most cinema today is single-handedly murdering the standard of its own medium.

Meanwhile, with a limited release The Collection has been revealed to the world. It has higher ratings from both critics and audiences, an increase almost equally parallel in fact, and it’s clear that the series has designated its audience, and hook line and sinker wrapped them up in what is likely to continue much the way Saw did until the well runs dry. However, the execution of this killer’s escapades has actually improved with further outings. Is it possible the trend could continue? Hell, any trend is better than vampires.

What you really have to wait for is The Hobbit. I don’t care how popular Twilight is. Lord of the Rings fans are feeling rejuvenated and exactly as fanatical. I happen to be thrilled by Tolkien’s novels, but this is truly becoming excessive, splitting up just one novel into three nearly three-hour long movies. Exactly how many walking scenes to grand epic music going to have to be included just to make the film long?

Length doesn’t make your film epic. Keep in mind that The Hobbit is actually my personal favorite story from the novels, particularly the riddles chapter. But when you take one movie to tell one novel for an entire trilogy and suddenly decide the prequel requires an entire trilogy of its own, from a book smaller than the rest, I just can’t help but be disappointed. It seems unusually money-oriented. We’ll just have to see.


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