Hey there readers and welcome to another weekend with a surprise upset, this time claimed by a PG-13 horror film, which doesn’t happen often in any given box office situation. Personally, I didn’t even know this film was coming; and The Last Stand failed despite positive fan feedback. So, congratulations to this week’s head of the box office, Mama, directed by Andres Muschietti.

Now, the only excuse I’ve got for my next-week-forecasts is that audiences can’t seem to make up their mind about the relationship they have with cinema, frequently bouncing back and forth between favoring some of the worst films of the year and some truly entertaining and/or experimental and daring films. Have you noticed that Silver Linings Playbook was tenth last week? It’s like the Box Office is getting affected by climate change, too.

Although I don’t really think Mama is either of those, it’s at the very least original and a decent homage to the works of Guillermo del Toro. Meanwhile, Mark Wahlberg finds himself right back into the trend of being a cop or a criminal in Broken City. Which is too bad really, because I happen to think he’s a good actor, certainly with the capacity to be funny.

Next weekend we’ll see Jason Statham’s latest installment of his criminal with a “unique code of professional ethics” series. It may be redundant as hell, but at the very least, he’s never done a Twins or a Tooth Fairy. I think Statham has charisma, and can carry his own in a film, but the screenplays he’s been pigeon-holed into are of near Johnny Depp and Tim Burton collaboration status.

The same can’t quite be said for Jeremy Renner, not per se. He primarily plays tough guys that break the rules. However, there’s room to grow yet, he’s not dug himself as deep as Statham has. Hansel and Gretel is the continuation of this obsession with fairy tales which cannot be explained.

I think JJ Abrams’ Once Upon a Time is probably the best you’ll ever get, especially this second season. Now, both men are good actors, but they made their mark with a very specific character type that Hollywood wants them to repeat again and again like an iPod playlist because, theory is, if they make lots of money one way, walk this way repeatedly.

I personally believe that Movie 43, despite its lack of warm ratings, is the best contender for #1 next week because the collection of people acting ridiculous would be terrible and dull if it weren’t a collection of celebrities acting ridiculous.

Weekend Results

1.) Mama (Universal): Opening weekend, with $28.1 million.

2.) Zero Dark Thirty (Sony): Fifth weekend, with $17.6 million.

3.) Silver Linings Playbook (Wein.): Tenth weekend, with $11.3 million.

4.) Gangster Squad (WB): Second weekend, with $9.1 million.

5.) Broken City (Fox): Opening weekend, with $9 million.

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