The box office has remained so remarkably stagnant with all of these sub-standard new releases, that we actually have quite an interesting little experiment going: what if only one set of movies was released into theaters? What would their fluctuations be?

Well, it looks like the trends would be trendy and then go away and the better movie would go back to making money. Now, James Bond movies are mostly as intended entirely for men as Twilight is intended for little girls, but while “romance” if you can call it that only has so many angles, the action genre at the very least can assume the personality of the filmmakers involved. In this way, the sky will never fall on Bond.

Meanwhile, poor Gerard Butler. He was fantastic in 300, he’s got quite a character about him, and then out of nowhere his career sank to Gamer and Law Abiding Citizen. I mean, yes, the latter was a great movie right up until the last ten minutes which were beyond disappointing and probably killed a would-be trilogy.

Not to mention the rom-com angle. The Ugly Truth, The Bounty Hunter, and now this? RocknRolla was the last good thing he did. That was almost half a decade ago. Unless you count How to Train Your Dragon, but come on, no one went to see that movie because of Butler’s Leonidas voice again. I’m not sure what Butler is trying to do with his career, but he’s a good actor and we’d like to see him beyond films like Playing for Keeps.

Then you have Rise of the Guardians, which also upended Twilight, but not with any other tactics and for that I rather despise the film. I think most kids would rather watch The Avengers itself than this ripoff, though it’s probably a much better production that Hugh Jackman’s upcoming wretchedly cast Les Miserables. Anne Hathaway? Amanda Seyfried? Just read the book or watch Liam Neeson and pretend this farce never happened.

Next week, The Hobbit wins. No debate about it. The Lord of the Rings fans are a hazard in large numbers, fanatical in its purest form, and they’re all going to have a frenzy with this movie. I believe it will secure at least four weekends at the top of the box office. But when was the last time you saw The Two Towers? It doesn’t really matter. And haven’t you gotten tired of Elijah Wood fainting or failing yet? Oh well. I just want to see Smaug.

Weekend Results

1.) Skyfall (Sony): Fifth weekend, with $11 million.

2.) Rise of the Guardians (P/DW): Third weekend, with $10.54 million.

3.) The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2 (Summit): Fourth weekend, with $9.2 million.

4.) Lincoln (Buena Vista): Fifth weekend, with $9.1 million.

5.) Life of Pi (Fox): Third weekend, with $8.3 million.


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