It’s considered that the studios that brought us a reboot of Spiderman were anxious, or even hesitant about reviving the hero so soon after the Sam Raimi trilogy. However, I don’t believe there was ever any cause to doubt that The Amazing-Spiderman would take the box office, even after releasing for The Fourth of July.

The reason being that there were mostly as many fans of the original trilogy as there were unhappy or unsatisfied Spiderman fans, frustrated at what infidelity to the character there may have been. Was. Also, there was a remarkable amount of cheese to the trilogy, even excluding the third.

As a jazz musician, I was furious about Emo Spidey’s dancing. As a Spiderman fan, I was frustrated that Tobey Maguire’s having a fake conversation with a girl was copied from Pleasantville and pasted into Spiderman.

Not to mention that The Amazing-Spiderman is a reminder that fans of a series are not entirely loyal to the actors that play the main character. I can’t count on two hands how many actors have been Bond, and there’s a variety of actors who have been Batman. And how many Hulks since Lou Ferrigno? So it shouldn’t be any different for Spidey.

Besides, Tobey Maguire wasn’t entirely revered as the pivotal Spiderman, by most. He wasn’t funny, and he was considerably extreme on the spectrum of nerd. Tobey was the archetype stereotype of that persona, which is the same personality that’s presented on nearly any television series or movie for that matter.

Now, Oliver Stone may be a familiar name even if you never saw his films, due to his attraction for controversial subject matters of his films. However, Savages unwisely casts Blake Lively—who is anything but—and equally unwisely delves into a world that popular cable series Weeds has already explored the farthest corners of.

But however much faith you have in Spidey, he better make all the money he can this weekend, because the next installment in the Ice Age series, Continental Drift, is very likely going to own next weekend’s box office.


Weekend Results

1.) The Amazing-Spiderman (Sony/Columbia): Opened with $65 million.

2.) Ted (Universal): Second weekend, with: $32.6 million.

3.) Brave (Buena Vista): Third weekend, with: $20.1 million.

4.) Savages (Universal): Opened with $16.1 million.

5.) Magic Mike (Warner Bros.): Second Weekend, with $15.6 million.


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