Just another run-of-the-mills action sequel Taken 2 officially took the box office this weekend, starting off October’s first weekend with quite a bang, if not a glowing review. While the first film was a surprise hit, it’s really quite shameless and especially unbelievable in context to consider what a Taken sequel would be.

The daughter gets taken again? It’s so preposterous. Even if it’s the continuing story of Liam Neeson’s protagonist, the plot doesn’t actually have to repeat the whole kidnapping angle. It literally could have gone anywhere, given the hero’s talents.

This is basically The Bourne Legacy all over again, a sequel without a purpose mostly destroying something best left alone. But you can’t deny Neeson’s action-star bravado.

Meanwhile, Looper suffers strongly. Many people have rated it insanely high, and maybe this is a case of disappointing high expectations, but the film doesn’t seem to be performing like Inception, or anything like what people are calling it. It’s not like the film was under the radar, or something. It’s just under-performing.

And most surprising of all, is the financial profit of Pitch Perfect. Or maybe I’m underestimating pre-teen girls, yet again, who single-handedly funded the entire Twilight series. I guess with a show like Glee existing in this universe with success, I shouldn’t have expected anything else. I just hoped, but the leap from last week to this week was entirely unexpected.

Next week, Argo releases, and it’ll either be a sleeper hit or it’ll own the box office altogether. With a strong cast, and Ben Affleck’s newly found directorial talent as displayed with The Town, it’s definitely worth a watch.

People who’ve heard Kevin Smith’s story about Ben Affleck’s reaction to Red State will watch it just because of Smith, but the film truly shows promise, based on an engaging true story. It should, all respect to ghost stories, easily overcome Sinister.

I don’t expect Here Comes the Boom or Seven Psychopaths to amount to very much, unless the latter manages to round up a target audience, spearheaded by the attached names.

Weekend Results

1.) Taken 2 (Fox): Opening weekend, with $50 million.

2.) Hotel Transylvania (Sony): Second weekend, with $26.3 million.

3.) Pitch Perfect (Uni.): Second weekend, with $14.7 million.

4.) Looper (TriS): Second weekend, with $12.2 million.

5. Frankenweenie (BV): Opening weekend, with $11.5 million.


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