It was less than shocking that the epic conclusion to 2008’s summer blockbuster The Dark Knight would not suffer the way its protagonist has by the coming of the second week, concluding the second month of summer at number one in the box office.

Aliens more or less perform rather well at the box office, being an artist’s clay: capable of molding into any concept, visual style, format, or image—and they fascinate us. But even the unusually popular Jonah Hill, who apparently represents today’s youth generation on the silver screen (hopefully not), could not save The Watch.

Ben Stiller, who I remain a fan of for his early triumphs, hasn’t made many movies lately that will stand a decent test of time, in the eyes of most.

Add in one-trick Vince Vaughn (although he’d do fine in a His Girl Friday remake), and an independent/television actor who wished for a better foot in the door, and then add the Olympics, and you’ve got yourself a slow weekend.

I’m not sure I could have believed just how many people truly love dance enough to watch an awful film just to see dancing on a big screen. I’m positive people haven’t been lining up for the Step Up series just to watch their horrendous storylines, but rather an art form that so rarely has an opportunity to shine in a film.

Personally, I’m amazed it even made the top 5 of the box office. Its mediocrity has thrived in the form of scarcity. It is clear that The Dark Knight Rises will hold strong into next weekend, even against promising science fiction release Total Recall, starring Colin Farrell. Len Wiseman finally shifting from Underworld doesn’t exactly mean he’ll shift tone, which has remained almost painfully stagnant throughout that franchise.

Ultimately, there are simply too many fans of Christopher Nolan and of Batman who will relish a second helping, or allow a first if respect for the tragic events in Colorado held off an earlier viewing.

Weekend Results

1.) The Dark Knight Rises (Warner Bros.): Second weekend, with $64 Million

2.) The Watch (Fox): Opening weekend, with $13.3 Million

3.) Step Up Revolution (Summit Entertainment): Opening weekend, with $13 Million

4.) Ice Age: Continental Drift (Fox): Third weekend, with $11.8 Million

5.) Ted (Universal): Fifth weekend, with $7.5 Million


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