True, the title of this week’s article is as contrived as it is somewhat silly, with its rhyming. However, it is of course following suit with the rest of the box office. Unless you have a crush on Jennifer Lawrence, House at the End of the Street isn’t anything special, and unless your imagination can stretch far enough to accept Jake Gyllenhaal in End of Watch, there’s no reason to pay today’s theatre dollars for that redundancy.

Then there’s this whole Clint Eastwood debacle. For one, what an awful idea to make aware your legions of fans what your political thoughts are so brashly. One of the very few topics of conversation which utterly polarizes the entire country. What I assume is that he simply doesn’t care, and that’s not a very sympathetic thing to fund.

Not to mention the script is so uncomfortably familiar that the only thing that’d put you and keep you in your seat is the people involved. When that is your only stake in a film, you’d better be on good terms with the people involved. Good idea dividing your fans, Clint.

Finding Nemo 3D continues the trend of re-releasing, which is the ultimate profit generator. But who cares that studios are ripping us off against new material when the movie is this good!

Now, Dredd 3D is an interesting little thing. It’s opened poorly in the box office, but has welcomed very warm ratings. It’s a triple threat here, the ultimate studio combination: a remake (of the Stallone film), a comic book character adaptation, and a 3D release. However, it’s mostly suffered at the hands of the rest of the newcomers.

What I gather is that mostly people are haunted by Sylvester Stallone here, unwilling to invest in the name Dredd itself. Also, it has all the implications of being just another unit pumped out of the Hollywood machine thanks to marketing, and then there’s the hard R rating. When people are flayed like a Predator victim, it’s definitely age-restricted.

You may anticipate Looper and Hotel Transylvania for next week, which will either end up neck and neck or the latter will fail miserably. I don’t know what it is about infusing horror with animation these days, but following along unsuccessful ParaNorman and preceding Frankenweenie I’m not sure you can’t force these to do well, dear studios.

Looper should definitely ultimately take the box office. It has two major stars, and has received solid ratings so far. Joseph still won’t take his career anywhere dangerous, or even remotely new, so we’ll just have to wait to see if he won’t pigeonhole himself into roles that hit the same beats as the rest. We want 500 Days of Summer Levitt back.

Weekend Results

Financial Tie: 1.) House at the End of the Street (Rela.): Opening weekend, with $13 million. 

Financial Tie: 2.) End of Watch (ORF): Opening weekend, with $13 million.

3.) Trouble with the Curve (WB): Opening weekend, with $12.72 million.

4.) Finding Nemo 3D (BV): Second week, with $9.4 million.

5.) Resident Evil: Retribution (SGem): Second week, with $6.7 million.


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