Ah, of course. The final installment of Twilight could be the only film that’d challenge the highest rated James Bond film, Skyfall. This last entry into a truly pathetic series truly is breaking dawn, and right into a new day ofHollywood where films like this must be tolerated left and right.

A new standard of marketability was set. Even since the source material, which equally takes advantage not only of a generation but a formidable weakness in one whole gender, first priority has been perfect salesmanship. And now, it’s formed a Hollywoodwhere literally every young adult novel must yearn to be its predecessor.

That’s how The Hunger Games was watered down, that’s how The Host is going to function, and that’s how The Mortal Instruments is going to work. You can safely assume that most every young adult adaptation will adhere to specific beats of marketability that Twilight established.

This is nothing to be celebrated. This should genuinely hurt any artist who still has dignity and aspirations for the true potential of film. This trend should be stopped. Younger generations should become self-aware and prevent any of this from taking advantage of them. But sadly, this is likely not to happen. The scar is permanent.

Perhaps the most redeemable piece of the film for most audience members is likely the sex scene. Thus, millions of dollars, and number one at the box office above Steven Spielberg and James Bond. Are their audiences truly outweighed by a bunch of pre-teens and regressing women? The epic finale that will live forever, in shame.

But next weekend will prove interesting: the very first face to face combat ever between Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart at the box office. Silver Linings Playbook has obtained incredible reviews, and she has her very own audience. Men didn’t mind The Hunger Games altogether thanks to unexplainable crushes onLawrence.

Then there’s Hitchcock. I simply cannot wait to write about this film. Anthony Hopkins, what a grand opportunity for something great to come along, hopefully as intriguing as Attenborough’s biopics, or Scorsese’s The Aviator.

Not to mention the animated film, Rise of the Guardians, sure to provide one hell of a fight against all new contenders. Cartoons generally steal the box office. Along with Life of Pi, beloved bestselling novel, it’s just going to be a free-for-all next weekend!

I’ll catch you with all the excitement next weekend. You all have a great one, dear ItsFILM readers!

The Weekend Results

1.) The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2 (Sum.): Opening weekend, with $141.3 million.

2.) Skyfall (Sony): Second weekend, with $41.5 million.

3.) Lincoln (BV): Opening weekend, with $21 million.

4.) Wreck-It Ralph (BV): Third weekend, with $18.31 million.

5.) Flight (Par.): Third weekend, with $8.615 million.


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