Hey there readers! Say goodbye to 2012, and embrace the New Year! I hope everyone out there has had happy holidays, and has smaller goals for 2013’s resolutions. Step by step, people. I’ll see you on the other side! In the meantime, let’s talk box office.

There is an incredible lack of unique voices accepted by Hollywood, and I truly believe that every endeavoring filmmaker wants to have Quentin’s career—confessing their love for cinema in their own original way, unrestricted by the crude conveyor belt system that’s been established and has punched film in the stomach since 2000.

Django Unchained is the highest rated Quentin Tarantino film in his entire filmography, and though it’s caused a lot of controversy, I can’t say I quite understand why. Even if it’s a surreal representation of this period of time, does anyone question how violent and horrible it was? I’m pretty sure the word everyone’s offended about was heard at least 100 times a day.

As for concern in its straightforward plot, well, anyone who’s actually seen a Spaghetti Western before realizes that fidelity has never been so aptly engineered. In fact, most of Django’s predecessors bounce around rather aimlessly.

Well Les Miserables keeps confusing me. I’m not sure why the reception is so high, but audiences seem to really like it, and it’s been nominated, but most critics and myself just can’t seem to see what everyone’s hyping about. It’s almost like they’ve filmed a theatrical play on stage from a seat in the audience. The magic isn’t there. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again—you’re better off with the source material or Liam Neeson.

With Parental Guidance we are reassured that Billy Crystal is still a funny man, and despite how people knocked his performance at the Oscars I was pleasantly entertained by the less gimmicky celebration. But he’s the only thing to be desired in this family movie. It’s lucky to have any attention at all at the box office.

Next week will see the latest Texas Chainsaw installment release, but in 3D for no real reason and completely exhausted of all its plot avenues. I get the distinct impression time travel and space may be involved with coming attractions in the series. Lastly will be A Dark Truth, starring Andy Garcia, but really it’s just a sad truth, and you know what it is.

Meaning! Everyone in the box office now will get to put their capacity to sustain new viewers to the test, and it’ll likely change very little as we journey into 2013 together. Don’t you go getting too drunk now, but be sure to have fun! Happy New Year!

Weekend Results

1.) The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (WB): Third weekend, with $32.9 million.

2.) Django Unchained (Wein.): Opening weekend, with $30.68 million.

3.) Les Miserables (Uni.): Opening weekend, with $28 million.

4.) Parental Guidance (Fox): Opening weekend, with $14.8 million.

5.) Jack Reacher (Paramount): Second weekend, with $14 million.


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