Well how about that, folks. The weekend coming off of Halloween presents a box office including a couple films that actually seem to have something at least the slightest bit to contribute. What a warm welcome back for me, giving me material we can write positively about for once!

Argo sustains its glowing reviews, marking another notch in Affleck’s gradual rise in directorial talent, and Taken 2 rounds out the bottom of the top five as a continued nod to Neeson’s near 80’s-style machismo attitude. It’s the relentlessness that grounds him, much like Kate Beckinsale.

Now, what’s on top of the box office? An animated film. Who could have predicted that? You don’t need me to tell you why it’s on top. What is interesting is how remarkably redundant the plot itself is, with a villain wanting to be a hero. Ahem, Despicable Me? Megamind? Get your shoulders down here; I’d like to stand on them.

Still, remarkable reviews, and it does after all sit above Denzel Washington’s latest. Denzel, you’re a terrific character actor. I forgive you for Book of Eli. Even for Safe House. With his new film Flight, he works with Robert Zemeckis, the strong director of Contact and Back to the Future. He seems suited just as well for non-fiction, too.

However! I’m pretty sure the plot has been covered in Michael Crichton’s “Airframe”, hasn’t it? But I’ll not nitpick. We’re glad to have a daring Denzel back.

In other genres we here have a Quentin Tarantino-esque martial arts escapade that should be absolutely epic for fans of the likes of Kill Bill and Iron Monkey: The Man with the Iron Fists. Sure, Quentin didn’t have anything to do with it, actually, but you just might have believed it.

It’s really just another form of Kill Bill, a confession of love for a specific genre, and in that way, you might go in expecting a Tarantino film. With good reason it’s in the top five of the box office, and the same goes for Flight IMHO. The only reason Argo overtook it is because the action piece is grounded by a very specific target audience.

If you know that Skyfall releases next weekend, then you don’t need me to tell you what’s going to take the box office. But you might want to hear what I have to say about it! Have a great weekend, dear readers, and I’ll chat you next week.

The Weekend Results

1.) Wreck-It Ralph (Buena Vista): Opening weekend, with $49.1 million.

2.) Flight (Paramount): Opening weekend, with $25 million.

3.) Argo (Warner Bros.): Fourth weekend, with $10.2 million.

4.) The Man With the Iron Fists (Universal): Opening weekend, with $8.2 million.

5.) Taken 2 (Fox): Fifth weekend, with $6 million.


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