Hey there readers, and join me for the closest we’ll ever get to 13-13-13. Congratulations to Kathryn Bigelow, and I suppose, Marlon Wayans. Quite a shocker for a turn out, I do believe Emma Stone ended up saving Gangster Squad after all (she officially can save anything, since I guess like anyone else I would thoroughly enjoy watching her in anything as well).

I underestimated A Haunted House, which ended up with the ratings of a Scary Movie anyways. If you’ve seen one spoof these days, you’ve seen them all. They haven’t been done particularly well since the eighties with comedic gems like Airplane and Young Frankenstein. I’m surprised this new spoof wasn’t properly titled “Paranormal Movie”.

And I truly did not believe that with its average ratings Zero Dark Thirty would gain so very much interest. A fascinating tale to be sure, which hits high-impact with its thrills, it still didn’t seem like a box office success to me. It doesn’t seem…commercial enough.

Another word on Gangster Squad. I sincerely believe that Ruben Fleischer should simply expand on his Zombieland universe already. It was an excellent exercise in genre without forced comedy, and is the reason Emma Stone is found in Fleischer’s latest—but honestly, Stone can do better than the likes of Squad. 30 Minutes or Less starred Jesse Eisenberg for equal reasons, and could equally do better than such a flat comedy.

So the only two features to follow Fleischer’s breakthrough film have been mostly panned and left as average somethings between good and bad. Which is why I assumed Gangster Squad would flop. But I sure was correct about Texas Chainsaw! Likewise will A Haunted House find a leap downwards next weekend.

Now as much as I revel in the success of a more…aesthetically inclined and powerhouse film as Zero Dark Thirty, I’m pretty sure I will still be putting my money on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s return to cinema in The Last Stand to claim the box office next week. Unfortunately, if it does, it just may prompt him to continue working on his sequel to failure and all around weird film Twins.

Have a great one, dear readers, and I shall see you again next week!

The Weekend Results

1.) Zero Dark Thirty (Sony): Fourth weekend, with $24 million.

2.) A Haunted House (ORF): Opening weekend, with $18.8 million.

3.) Gangster Squad (WB): Opening weekend, with $16.7 million.

4.) Django Unchained (Wein.): Third weekend, with $11 million.

5.) Les Miserables (2012) (Uni.): Third weekend with $10.1 million.


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