Coverage Ink has opened the call for submissions for it’s “Get Repped Now” coverage/promotion.  Basically writers you get good industry coverage at a fair price for your feature-length/hour/30 minute script, and as an exciting bonus your work may be passed along to their Manager Panel for consideration for possible representation.

If a writer’s work renders a “Consider” score after analysis, which will occur for roughly 1 out of 20 scripts according to Coverage Ink, their work is then handed to an impressive group of literary managers who have all agreed to review all Coverage Ink “considers” for possible addition to their client roll.  This year’s Manager Panel includes:

• Jake Wagner (Benderspink)
• Micah Klatzker (Industry Entertainment)
• Kevin Steele (Magnet Management)
• Jeff Belkin (Zero Gravity)
• A representative from Madhouse Entertainment

Past writers have signed to the likes of UTA and Benderspink.  Jake Wagner sold past “Consider” writer Brandon Barker’s script “Nottingham & Hood” to Disney for six figures.

“Coverage Ink is what started it all!,” enthused Barker. “I cannot thank you guys enough. Major dream come true!”

This annual opportunity is available for 2016 from October 17 to November 20, 2016.  If you’re seeking quality coverage for your screenplay, why not give yourself an opportunity for representation as well?!?

CLICK HERE for more information and to submit your work, good luck!


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