Screenwriter Davin Affrunti’s  STRUNG, an emotionally-charged, hyperkinetic crime thriller, has been optioned to Wonderfilm Media.

WonderFilm Media is a leading publicly traded entertainment company with offices in Beverly Hills, Vancouver, Canada and Seoul, South Korea.  WONDERFILM produces high-quality feature films as well as episodic television.  Upcoming projects include PRIMAL starring Nicolas Cage, MOOSE starring John Travolta, and DISTURBING THE PEACE starring Guy Pierce.

Davin Affrunti is a San Francisco-based screenwriter, as well as a previous Filmmatic Screenplay Awards winner (for his compelling satirical thriller “The Sower”, which is currently available to producers).

STRUNG:  Upon release from prison a father is pushed to his physical and psychological limits, forced by a menacing figure from his past to execute a multilayered crime spree to save his estranged family.

Congratulations once again to Davin Affrunti for winning top prize in the Filmmatic Screenplay Awards, and for his recent optioning of STRUNG.  The Filmmatic staff will happily forward any questions regarding Davin’s works it receives.


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