The new “Dredd” adaptation is scheduled to release September 21, 2012.  17 years after Sylvester Stalone portrayed John Wagner’s iconic comic book character, Judge Dredd, the new Pete Travis-directed version is set to release in 3D.

Producer DNA Films has stated that the new Judge Dredd will not be related in any way to the 1995 version, but instead should be considered a reboot of the renegade cop character.

The Travis version takes place in a fictional, post-atomic war Earth, where citizens dwell in Mega-Cities, and the mutated masses live outside the city walls in a harsh desert environment.   Judge Dredd and company will apparently be busting skulls in this post-war valhalla in pursuit of a drug-pushing terrorist organization.

Distributor Lionsgate released the above movie poster this week, and a few production stills (see below) to fuel the some good old-fashioned pre-release frenzy.


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