Screenwriter Steve Wilson Briggs, of Redwood City California, has filed suit against Sony Pictures, TriStar pictures, Media Rights Capital, QED International, writer/director Neill Blomkamp (Above with Damon), Simon Kinberg and other “Elysium” Producers asserting that they all worked together to steal his movie concept

According to the suit, Briggs penned a screenplay called “Butterfly Driver” in May 2005 and claims that Blomkamp and his producers stole elements from his idea, including the “plot, characters, unusual settings, themes, conflict, catalyst, crisis, climax-twist, the hero’s unique ‘character-affiliation,’ the hero’s ‘keepsake necklace’ and more.”.

The plaintiff alleges that he registered a version of his script with WGA-West in December of 2005, and then in 2007 posted the screenplay on the screenwriting website  Briggs claims Blomkamp had access to his material on this site.

While it is not uncommon for big budget movies to defend intellectual property claims, many admit that there are numerous similarities between the “Elysium” storyline and Briggs work.




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