Are you a screenwriter bored with the same old banter on characters and format?  Are you a ravenous film fan looking for a fresh voice that asks questions of the industry you actually want to hear the answers to?  Quit wandering around aimlessly in the dark and tune into the always-unfiltered Hilliard Guess’ “Screenwriter’s Rant Room“.

This weeklyHilliard Guess tell-it-like-it-is podcast is hosted by award-winning WGA writer-director-producer Hilliard Guess (left).  Hilliard’s a high-energy, veteran actor-turned-screenwriter who currently write’s, produces and serves on several WGAw committees when outside of the Rant-Room studio (see Hilldog Productions).  At his side is his witty and opinionated writer-co-host Lisa Bolekaja.  Lisa is also an award-winning scribe best know for her Sci-fi offerings and strong female voice.

The “Rant Room” is hosted by industry writers, features real industry-player guests, and tackles industry questions with an honest voice that other shows tend to shy away from.   The show is funny, it’s insightful, and as much of an asset as it is entertaining to anyone interested in the film industry.  Recent guests include Glen Mazarra (Damien, Walking Dead), Emmy award-winner Jeff Melvoin (Army Wives, WGA Showrunners Program) and Jeffrey Reddick (creator – Final Destination series).

Do yourself a favor and check out the “Screenwriter’s Rant Room”on iTunes HERE, and follow Hilliard on Twitter at @ScreenwritersRR and on Facebook.  FYI Hilliard just dropped his 100th episode, so you have a lot of catching up to do!



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