Director Bryan Singer tweeted some happy news tonight, proclaiming to all that Peter Dinklage of “Game Of Thrones” fame has been tapped to join the cast of “X-Men: Days of Future Past”.  Singer did not specify which character/mutant the actor would play.

Marvel Comics sold the movie rights to “Spider-Man”, “Fantastic Four”, and “X-Men”, amongst others, prior to Marvel Studios gearing up to produce its own titles (“Iron Man”, “Avengers” “Thor”, etc.).  So when trying to decipher which character Dinklage might portray, it’s going to be a question of which characters went along with the sale of the “X-Men” rights.  We have a feeling that Peter Dinklage will deliver as always, regardless of which character Singer plugs “The Station Agent” front man into.

“X-Men: Days of Future Past”, is slated to premier July of 2014,  and is scheduled to go into production in April of this year.


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