In its inaugural year, the Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival aims to reward and expose undiscovered filmmaking talent.  The “HBFF” is a monthly competition for short and feature-length works of all genres, culminating in an annual live-screening and awards event to be held in Hollywood, California.

HBFFEach monthly-winner is guaranteed a presentation of their work at the year-end live-festival event.  The first live-screening and awards ceremony is slated for April of 2017.

A unique and fun facet of the HBFF is that their staff notifies you within 48 hours of your completed entry whether or not you are moving on in the monthly judging process.   This quick turn-around from the Hollywood Boulevard Judges Panel is a refreshingly-stark contrast to the normal months-on-end wait for feedback on a festival entry.  Hence the alias “World’s Fastest Film Festival”

Do yourself a favor and find out more about the HBFF on FilmFreeway.  All filmmakers can use the Discount Code “HBFFMAY16” to save $15 on their entries!



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