Jason Lane Fenton (below), via his Boston-area production company, recently launched the Visually Sound Pictures Short Screenplay Contest.  The call for entries is open, and they’re offering an impressive slate of prizes for an inaugural-season competition.

When asked why the competition was established, contest organizers reference the perpetual “chicken and egg” loop that many aspiring screenwriters find themselves mired in: You can’t get representation if you haven’t had a screenplay produced, and often can’t get your work produced without the aid of representation.

Jason Lane FentonRecognizing that few screenwriters have the proper resources to produce their own screenplay independently, Visually Sound Pictures, in partnership with Final Draft, Inc., established its Short Script Contest to give screenwriters the equipment and exposure necessary to pave their own path to success.

The competition is seeking short script submissions of all genres (45 pages or less, English-dialogue only).  Contest Runners-Up will receive Final Draft Gift Certificates, and the Grand Prize Winner will be awarded a production package that provides all of the video and audio equipment necessary to produce their own script in-house.  The package features a Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera, and includes a quality support, lens and sound package so the winning screenwriter can hit the ground running.

Contest administrators have also announced that, should the Contest reach 5,400 submissions this season, the prize package will be upgraded to include $50,000 in cash prizes to be distributed to the authors of  the top 10 scripts ($35,000 to go to the Overall Winner, in addition the camera package noted above).

As we all know, hidden screenplays never get produced.  So why not do yourself a favor, dust off that screenplay you worked so hard on, and enter the Visually Sound Pictures Short Screenplay Contest via FilmFreeway today.


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