Mid-way through its second season, HBO is pulling the plug on “Togetherness”.  According to Deadline, the upcoming April 10 season finale of Togetherness will also serve as the series finale for the ailing birth-child of Jay Duplass, Mark Duplass and Steve Zissis.

Critics have been fairly kind to the Duplass brothers’ episodic from the get-go, but audiences didn’t see the attraction in the heralded but often lethargic HBO dramady.  Despite the consistantly-poor ratings of “Togetherness”, HBO has issued the following statement:  ”Although we have decided not to proceed with another season of Togetherness, we look forward to continuing our strong creative collaboration with the talented Jay and Mark Duplass,”.

Always nice to get a second chance from the boys at HBO.  Hopefully audiences will be kinder to the next Duplass conception, or perhaps the critics more honest.


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