NBC has confirmed that it plans to Install Jimmy Fallon as the sixth host of the “Tonight Show”.

Steve Burke, CEO of NBC Universal, decided to take matters into his own hands this week.  Jay Leno, who will reportedly continue to host the “Tonight Show” until February 2014, has not been happy with NBC’s West Coast Management as of late.  Most notably Leno had complained of ill treatment by Robert Greenblatt, the top L.A. based NBC executive.

Mr. Burke flew into Los Angeles this weekend, most likely via private jet, to personally handle the packaging of the host’s transition, and also to remind Mr. Leno that NBC was greatful for all he had done for the network.  “Jay deserves to be treated like someone who has done a wonderful thing for our company for two decades,” Burke stated in a recent telephone interview.

Leno and Fallon (above) have managed to remain on very friendly terms during the last few rumor-laiden months.


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