Jack Newel-directed “Close Quarters” debuted this week to a sold-out crowd at The Midwest Independent Film Festival.  The feature-length comedy was shot on location in Chicago in just two weeks, and features some of the city’s best improv talent.

The film takes place entirely inside a quaint neighborhood coffee shop over the course of a single, event-filled evening.  The Ron Falzone-scribed story follows two young baristas who are coming to terms with their own romantic relationship, while also dodging and digging on the diverse issues of that evening’s clientele.

The production was based on a storyline constructed of outlined scenarios, which the cast of improv specialists then toyed with under Newel’s guidance while cameras rolled.  The outcome was a very likeable comedy I would strongly recommend to any indie film fan.

“Close Quarters” was executive produced by Joe Rosengarten, and stars Bill Arnett, Mark Belden, Jim Calrosn, Colleen Doyle, Kate Duffy. Erica Elam, Jet Eveleth, Noah Gregoropolous, Lyndsay Hailey, Gregory Hollimon (“Strangers With Candy”), T.J. Jagodowski, Bruce Jarchow, Tim Kazurinsky “(Saturday Night Live”), Sherra Lasley, Holly Laurent, Nicky Margolis, Susan Messing, Danny Morra, Linda Augusta Orr, Dave Pasquesi (Groundhog Day), Seth Unger and Erica Unger.

Chicago location of “Close Quarters”


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