If you’re a follower of the politics of late-nght TV (who isn’t?), you know that there has been some tension as of late between longtime “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno and NBC Entertainment’s current chairman Robert Greenblatt.

The fallout started as rumors surfaced recently that NBC was planning on removing Leno from his “Tonight Show” throne.  “Late Night” host Jimmy Fallon has been the most-discussed replacement to date. (See Fallon above, left, with Leno)

Not happy with his in-house treatment, Leno has been dropping jabs at NBC and its top dogs in his recent monologues, which prompted an angry email from Greenblatt to Leno.  Angry exchanges have erupted therefrom, causing Leno to refer to NBC executives as “snakes” in a recent monologue joke.

Jay Leno is still No. 1 in the ratings overall and in the coveted 18-49 demographic.  NBC is reportedly throwing Leno under the network-bus as all late-night shows are experiencing revenue drops currently, and they are scurrying to find a method to reverse said trend.  I’m not sure that dropping the reigning #1 Late Night Host is the quick fix you’re looking for Greenblatt, but good luck with that.


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