A year or so ago Jeff Zucker was tapped to take over CNN and improve its ratings.  It appears the fluxing news network may have given the wrong guy the car keys.

CNN plunged last week to its worst ratings since record lows in August of 2012, which was several months prior to Zucker, a former NBC boss, was brought aboard to up CNN’s viewership.  How bad are the most recent numbers under Zucker?  CNN was a distant No. 3 last week (385,000) in prime time behind MSNBC (683,000) and FOX NEWS (2.4 million).  To further illustrate the hole CNN needs to get out of, its “total” viewer numbers barely equalled the digits put up in its 25-54 demographic alone by Fox News.

Zucker has made several attempts to lead new viewers to CNN, including adding some Anthony Bourdain programming, but TV owners are still staying away in droves.


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