Far be it from us not to jump on the Kony 2012 media-bandwagon, so here we go:

A 28 minute documentary style film, entitled Kony 2012, directed by Jason Russell,  and produced by the nonprofit group Invisible Children, has been viewed nearly 60 million times on YouTube and Vimeo since its release just a few days ago.  The video is a self-proclaimed call to action to people everywhere to raise their voices against a little-known Ugandan rebel leader named Joseph Kony. Kony, as it has been confirmed, has for decades been killing and raping and maiming, often with children as the targets, to further his own ill conceived “causes”.

Two things are occurring simultaneously right now:

1)  The world is learning at a fever-pace some of the issues troubling Uganda at this time (which is great)

2)  Invisible Children is being heralded by some as heroes for their efforts, while others criticize the charitable group for over fund raising and over splurging on production.  Questions also have been raised over some of the facts in the film, as well as the actual location of Mr. Kony and his group’s operations at this time.

Time will reveal more about the filmmakers, as well as the actual facts surrounding the atrocities currently occurring in Uganda and the surrounding region.  One thing is for sure at this time though…  there are some serious issues regarding the safety and treatment of the people and more poignantly the youth of Uganda, and as the Kony 2012 project has shed some much needed light on these issues, congratulations and thanks are certainly in order for someone involved, at some point along the way.

How about we prosecute the Konys of the world first, then find the time to peruse the whistle-blower’s accounting later.  Just a thought.



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