Lindsay Lohan apparently crashed her Porsche into a dump truck Friday afternoon, although it may not yet be fully clear who was driving the sports car at the time of the collision.  Santa Monica police have stated that they are treating it like a normal traffic accident (no one was suspected of being under the influence).

The incident has taken an ugly turn though as the driver of the truck is now claiming that Lohan’s handlers tried to bribe him to look the other way, as opposed to notifying authorities.  TMZ reports that the driver stated Lindsay was rushed into an Escalade that had been following her, and that the driver of said SUV offered to “go to the bank” in an effort to make the occurance go away.

Lindsay has apparently responded to the contrary, stating that the driver is just another opportunist hoping to make a buck or a splash in the headlines.  Either way, not a good day for Lindsay as she is currently on probation.  Innocent until proven guilty everyone…

Photo Credit:  Christopher Macsurak


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