is proud to introduce the latest addition to its writing team, Alexander Emmert!

Emmert, an accomplished actor, writer and filmmaker, will be penning a column for discussing society’s self-perception through cinema.

In his own words, “This amazing art form, which we utilize to entertain, instruct, and document the world around us, sometimes creating other worlds that act as the vehicle to interpret the realities in which we find ourselves, exists as a great inspiration to many of us… (they) demonstrate our ideals, create catharsis for our torments, shed light on our fears, and in so many ways allow us to better understand the human condition”.

We’re excited to hear Emmert’s unique take on the films that have inspired him, as many of them are, as he says, the sounding board for the issues that effect humanity…

Welcome to the family Alexander, we look forward to your musings and observations sir.



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