Scott Simpson is a talented and passionate screenwriter.  He was tops in the Historical category of Season 2 of the Filmmatic Screenplay Awards, thanks to his amazing screenplay “Callie Earlene”.  We asked Scott if he would knock out a quick Q&A for our readers, and he graciously agreed:

1)  How long have you been writing? 

Simpson:  35 years


2)  What screenwriting training have you received, are you self-taught? 

Simpson:  Columbia Film School MFA in Screenwriting.


3)  What writing habits work for you?  Do you write in short or long shifts, in the mornings mainly, late at night…? 

Simpson:  Binge writing once it’s all pieced together, in the evening.


4)  What genres do you lean towards? 

Simpson:  I’ve done everything except comedy.  Comedy is hard.


5)  What is your screenplay, “Callie Earlene”, about? 

Simpson:  When the daughter of Czech immigrants leaves her all-white county in East Texas, circa 1920’s, to take a job as a school teacher in a black township, she is completely ignorant of segregation and Jim Crow.  Gradually, she must learn to play both sides of the race equation to get what she wants — the best possible outcome for her students.  This is now the backdoor pilot to Kilgore Crude (another one of his works) and ends at the eve of the East Texas Oil Boom.


6)  How did you get the idea for “Callie Earlene”? 

Simpson:  A college roommate had a story about his grandparents in Longview which inspired this…


7)  What are you working on now?  What do you plan on writing in the near future? 

Simpson:  A domestic drama about a man meeting the family of deceased father, who abandoned his mother when she was pregnant.


8)  Any advice for those about to dive into their first feature-length screenplay? 

Simpson:  Make sure you have a second act that can stand alone as a compelling story even without the first and third act bookends…


Congrats once again to Scott for winning his category in the Filmmatic Screenplay Awards, and many thanks for the time he spent answering our questions.

Filmmatic will forward any and all producer requests for Mr. Simpson’s “Callie Earlene”, or for any other Filmmatic contestant’s script for which there is interest.


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