Steve Trebilcock works for the railroad full-time, runs a restaurant with his wife, and still somehow maintains the drive to muscle his screenwriting forward in his spare hours each week.

One of Steve’s works, The Mushroom King, won the Action/Adventure category in Filmmatic’s 2019 Pitch Now Screenplay Competition.  Steve has been kind enough to answer a few questions for our readers.   The thoughts, habits and advice of an up-and-coming screenwriter below…


1)  How long have you been writing?

Novels: 3 years

Screenplays: 3 years

2)  What screenwriting training have you received, are you self-taught?

Self-taught, but open to any bits of knowledge I can gain from any direction.  Every article, every blog post, every writer I talk to, adds something.  You can’t use it all, but you can filter out the fluff and choose the best advice.

3)  What writing habits work for you?  Do you write in short or long shifts, in the mornings mainly, late at night…?

I work full-time for the railroad, plus my wife and I own a restaurant.  I can ususally be found in the evenings, smoking a cigar on our front porch and just unwinding.  As I do, the current screenplay/book will filter in, and ideas or solutions start running.  Sometimes I’ll type a few lines before bed.  Full on writing seems to come in short bursts when I have a free day.

4)  What is your screenplay, “The Mushroom King“, about?

As radioactive fallout approaches, a small-town deputy faces a harsh end as he searches for the missing. Crushed between duty, family, and human nature, hope comes from a high-spirited neighbor as they try to save those they can, and deal with their attraction.  It’s a what-if, with a deep look at the human interactions, or what they might be at a time like that.  Sort of a, ‘The Day After’ meets ‘Cade’s County’.

5)  Where did the concept for “The Mushroom King” come from?

I originally wrote it as a self-published novel.  A mentor, and good friend, read it and said, “I can see this as a movie.  You should have someone make a screenplay out of it.”  When I saw how much people got paid to do that I said to myself, “I can do that. How hard can it be?”  A year and a half later and I’d answered my own question, but also fell in love with the whole art of it.

6)  What genres do you lean towards?  Only action/adventure projects, or?

Dystopian, end of the world, action/adventure exclusively to date, but I just started work on a western Biopic about a woman in the boom towns she lived in like Deadwood and Silver City.  Having a lot of fun trying something new.

 7)  What are you writing now?  What do you plan on writing in the near future?

Already completed a new screenplay based on another book I wrote. This one  is an Action/Adventure, ‘The Last Firefly at Sandpoint’.  Mother Nature has decided to end man’s reign as ‘Alpha Level Species’… Did I just hear someone shout, “Global Warming”?  It’s new for 2019 and has already placed as finalist and semi-finalist at 2 competitions.

 8)  Any advice for those about to dive into their first feature-length screenplay?  

Listen to all the advice, take about 93% of it.  Write from the heart… Then cut the crap out of it, until it shines like a new penny.  Good Luck and keep writing!      –Steve


Congratulations once again to Steve Trebilcock, the 2019 Pitch Now – Action/Adventure category Winner.

Filmmatic will happily forward all industry contact requests for Mr. Trebilcock to his attention 🙂


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