A Chicago judge recently awarded an extra from the set of the Latest “Transformer” install $18.5 million for significant brain damage caused by failed stunt.  A stuntman who also suffered brain injuries on the set of “The Hangover: Part Two” recently settled his case with Warner Bros..  It appears that good things do come in threes.

“Men In Black 3” extra Danika Gerner is suing Columbia Pictures over a “wardrobe malfunction” that she claims caused “serious bodily injuries” and missed work.

Miss Gerner, a model and fitness trainer from New York, states that the costume provided her by the wardrobe department for the M.I.B. sequel was in a “defective and dangerous condition”, hence the resulting injuries via her five-days on set last year.  She accuses the defendants, including Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment as well as some of the film’s costume personnel, of failing “to take suitable precautions” for her safety.  Columbia has not yet made a statement over the action, and Gerner did not detail her injuries or the wardrobe defect in her complaint.  Negligence or pain-in-the-ass opportunist?  Time will tell…

“If the foam-rubber-alien costume doesn’t fit, you must aquit!”.


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