Mia Terra Retreats produces story-based retreats for screenwriters, TV writers, novelists, playwrights, storytellers, directors, actors, creative souls – anyone who has a story to tell.  Each retreat is handcrafted, unique, and set in a location with activities meant to enhance the classes and workshops provided for the writer.

While on retreat, the participants have an opportunity to study with top industry professionals.  Mia Terra’s mentors are award-winning, seasoned writers, directors and producers who provide instruction and guidance to help the attendees grow both professionally and personally.  Mia Terra exposes their clients to new places, new cultures and new writing methods so they can apply a fresh energy and different point of view to the writing project at hand.

MiaTerraMia Terra was founded by Diana Osberg, a storyteller, writer and adventurer at heart.  Mia Terra’s expert mentors are hosting  upcoming retreats in Hawaii, Ireland and Costa Rica.  Attendees will find themselves in a positive, professional setting with the likes of Bill Boyle (screenwriting consultant), Bibi Caspari (personal development consultant), Geoff Harris (past V.P. of Story and Writer Development at NBC), Heather Hale (screenwriter and producer), and Jay Speyerer (speaker, writer, trainer).

You can find more information HERE about these great writer’s sojourns.  If you love travel, and are serious about your writing, reach out today to the Mia Terra team to see which upcoming retreat is best for you.



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