The poor-man’s Hunger Games (Divergent Series) suffered a disappointing box office for the opening of “The Divergent Series: Allegiant”, the first outing in a two-part finale.  Critics have been equally unkind to the 3rd Divergent installment.

Of all the problems the Divergent Series has faced, fan apathy has to be the biggest. Critics have always been fairly unkind to the franchise, but fan response, which was not horrible for the original film “Divergent”, has unfortunately waned with each subsequent release.

Now, the final installment “The Divergent Series: Ascendant”, which will already be without intended helmer Robert Schwentke, has too find a way to deliver on a reduced budget.  According to The Hollywood Reporter’s “well-placed” sources, the budget for the final Divergent film has been “greatly” reduced by Lionsgate.

Brace yourself sci-fi fans, a film you were already not looking forward to just announced its cutting production value.  Guessing we’ll all be checking out Shailene Woodley’s next exciting haircut tweak in the comfort of our own homes.


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